An introduction to our services

Customizable, multi-tiered services designed to meet your projects needs and protect your business’ interests.

USCN offers a 3-tiered solution of supply chain management; consultation and trading that can be custom fit to match the needs of any project.

Whether you are looking for a scalable order of OEM products for your store, or your project needs a full-service solution to bring it from design, into prototyping and sampling through mass production, USCN can provide a specialized service based on quality and customer service.

Supply Chain Management

USCN’s supply chain management service leverages an already established supply chain to optimize your business’ supply-side activities. Further, USCN can design and build a supply chain specific for your needs by utilizing valuable relationships within its direct supply base and network of subcontractors. Our goal is to provide an economic, quality driven service that optimizes every section of the manufacturing space your project is involved in..

  • Inventory Control
  • Logistics
  • Material Management
  • Production Scheduling
  • Project Management
  • Purchase Order Control
  • Quality Control


USCN has over 10 years of in-region experience working directly with China based vendors. Our industry expertise can be seen in the work USCN has been a part of over the last decade. We take pride in providing high quality, specialized management group capable of providing key insight and perspective into ways that can represent, improve and optimize your project and business’ in-region objectives.

  • Contract Management
  • Cost Control
  • Design for Manufacture
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Molding and Tooling
  • Personnel
  • Process Design
  • Supply Base/Subcontracting


Trading plays a large role in the manufacturing industries growth and development. It provides an opportunity for customers from around the world to discover new products and meet the needs of the changing markets they operate in. USCN provides a rapid turn-around service through general trading by engaging directly with suppliers, evaluating and assessing production and quality standards and providing logistics and transaction management for orders of all sizes.

  • Drop Shipping
  • Fulfillment
  • Light Bulk
  • Multi-Sourcing
  • Negotiation
  • Sourcing
  • Trial Orders
  • Vendor Evaluations