10 years in region, supply chain management and manufacturing experience.


Founded on quality in 2004, USCN set out to provide a complete manufacturing solution for its dynamic, international customer base.

A multi-national company that offers an on-the-ground perspective into Mainland China’s manufacturing industry. USCN has built a trusted supply base over the last decade and coupled it with industry expertise in supply chain management, consultation and general trading. The high quality, attention to detail approach that USCN was founded on is the same approach that USCN uses while working within the supply chain that it has built. This provides a platform for factory level production management and an operational level of transparency that extends involvement and trust from USCN and the supply chain directly to the customer.

USCN continues to thrive within the action sports industry while simultaneously taking on new projects in a diverse range of industries.

Quality, Results, and Relationships

We believe that a quality driven manufacturing solution that utilizes the expertise, services and supply base can be custom tailored to meet the needs of any project and we are proud of the high quality, results driven products and relationships that we have been a part of over the last 10 years


USCN was founded more than 10 years ago in Shenzhen, China. Established in the heart of global manufacturing, USCN set out to benefit clients by minimizing risk and provided a point of access to the intricate manufacturing infrastructure China has developed over the last 30 years.


Working with both large and small customers USCN founded itself on the fundamentals of manufacturing. By focusing on project details and requirements USCN was able to provide a voice to its customers. Over the years that expertise has grown into a mature supply chain that can be custom tailored to meet your manufacturing needs.


Providing experience and expertise throughout manufacturing, our process is simple. We believe that a working relationship that fosters communication, control and quality to our customers has been instrumental in the 10 years of success we have experienced. We pride ourselves on our ability to simultaneously provide management and service through reporting, daily correspondence and our dedication to customer service.


Our customers can expect a full-service supply chain management solution. Your project is assigned to a diverse team of Western and Chinese staff with expertise in development and engineering, project management, quality control, material planning and logistics. We pride ourselves on our ever-growing supply base that includes over 30 trusted suppliers.  We take pride in representing our customers and being their experienced partner in China that ensures that expectations are met and the results you desire are achieved.


There from design through shipment to ensure your product gets to market.


Our Team

Our diverse team of experts bridges the gap between design and engineering to help meet our customers’ needs.

Our Support

Shared cooperation and commitment to quality provide a level of support that reaches every part of our supply chain.

Our Facilities

Our in-region office and warehouse facilities allow us to provide factory level control to our customers.